Review By Rojene Bailey

Is it possible to find a Blues CD today that encompasses all the elements of The Blues and Southern Soul with some R & B Flavor that has the Delta vibes?  Of course, the answer is No….Or is it… I happen to run up on a BCD (Blues Compact Disc) by Narvel Echols titled “Return of the Country Boy.”  The new album is what Narvel describes as, and I’m quoting him here, “the New School Blues, which is a combination of Blues, Soul, Funk, Southern Soul, with a sprinkle of hip hop, but with an emphasis on keeping some of the Delta Blues sound alive.”

Narvel hit it all with this BCD.  Not only has he come up with something that I did not think was possible to record by any artist, he did it to perfection.  I am a very hard person to please when it comes to Blues and Southern Soul, and I am also an honest person when it comes to letting people know exactly what I think about their music.  I think this is a fun, exciting and very good BCD if you like to listen to the Blues.

The first cut on the BCD caught my attention.  The cut is “Jukin (Country Folks Party).  This song lets everybody know that Country is good.  Good times are had in the Country, and because you live where you live, and may not live in the Country doesn’t mean it’s not a good life.  The song is fun and the story line is so true. The music will remind you of a song from the R & B genre, but it works. Overall Narvel did an excellent job of incorporating all the elements of the Blues in the song. Another cut from the BCD that is funny, true and hits home for many men is “Just Like Me.”  This has happened to so many men.  A picture of a Baby posted on Facebook that looks like them. The Rap in the song is Country Rap, but it is done very well.  And when you think it can’t get any better, “Pour Me A Drank” hits you.  Yes we all have had hard times, but Narvel puts it in the proper perspective.  There is a better day coming. The BCD has Eleven cuts on it, which Seven are extremely entertaining.  He even showed some love to Luther Lacky. “The Return of The Country Boy” is well worth a listen.  Another element to the BCD, and most importantly is that throughout the entire BCD, Narvel sounds like he’s having Big Fun doing it as an artist.

Narvel once belonged to a Rap Group, and was heavily influenced by Funk Music.  It’s obvious in this body of work, but the thing that intrigues me the most is that he took all the elements and some kind of way made a very good entertaining BCD. Thinking about it, “Return Of The Country Boy” by Narvel really has nothing to do with the Country…..But everything to do with the Blues….Trust me, like Narvel, you’ll have Big Fun listening to “Return Of The Country Boy.”

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