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Congratulations are in order for Bobby Rush.  He will be the recipient of the Second Annual Crossroads of American Music Award on November 12th.  The Gala will take place at the Grammy Museum’s Mississippi Museum in Cleveland Mississippi and Bobby will appear virtually to accept the award and he will perform.  This is a very nice  gift for the great Bobby Rush because his birthday is November 10th.  And mind you, this is a man that will be 86 on his Birthday. Click Below to Hear the Full Story from Bobby….


We talked with the great Lenny Williams this week about the Virtural Concert he’s presenting on November 14th, Live.  This concert is Free and it starts at 3:30 pm Eastern Time.  Click below to listen to the conversation with Lenny Williams…..


Southern Soul Virtual Concerts are get more popular. Saturday, October 17th is the Southern Soul Sauce Mix Virtual Concert featuring Jeter Jones, Donnie Ray, Fat Daddy, Gregg A. Smith and Mz Connie.  November 14th, Lenny Williams will present a LIVE virtual concert.  This one is Absolutely Free.  And the Living Blues Magazine Annual Living Blues Awards have been announced.  Click Below to link to all the information, and click to hear all the BluesNews from the World of the BluesBlues…




Rolling Stones Magazine has named their Top 500 Albums list for 2020, and I look at the Blues Artists that’s on it….and not on it….And there’s a Southern Soul Concert coming October 17th, virtually …..I’ll tell you who’s appearing and how you can get it.

Click below to hear it all on the BluesNews from the World of the BluesBlues…


The Blues Foundation has a new President and CEO that will begin October 1st.  Her name is Patricia Wilson Aden……Can you believe The Academy of country Music Awards on the 16th had their first Black Female Performer on the Stage of the Grand Ole Opry??  It Happened, and in 2020……And Legendary Soul Blues Singer Roy Charles Hammond made the transition.  He was known to the world as “Roy C.”


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The President and CEO of The Blues Foundation and Museum in Memphis Tennessee is leaving her post on October 1st.  She’s been at the helm for five years, and she says it’s time to Move on.  We talked with Barbara Newman about her tenure there, and her plans for the Future.  Click both Audio Files to listen.

Barbara Newman-Fast Track Blues Bite

Barbara Newman-BluesNews

Wednesday the 16th of September is the Birthday of the late great B.B. King….The BB. King Museum and Interpretive Center in Indianola Mississippi had huge plans for his birthday celebration this year, but those plans were derailed….Robert Terrell is the Director of Operations for the B.B. Museum and Delta Interpretive Center….Click below to listen to the interview with Robert….

 Willie Clayton just dropped a New BCD titled Born To Sing, I personally call it Born To Sing The Blues, but that’s just me……….Mr. Clayton joined us by phone for this upcoming weekend’s show to give us a little inside peek at this Blues Compact Disc…....Click Below To Listen…..


Vick Allen is a great Southern Soul Artist, and he’s been stymied by the COVID 19 virus like most of us….But Vick’s been busy taking advantage of the down time and doing his thing……Vick Allen joined us by phone from down in Jackson Mississippi and talked about his new single, and what he’s been doing…..Click below to listen.

A giant of the radio world in Mississippi made the transition on August 5th…..Mr. Rubin Hughes ……We saw the story on The Boogie Report, and we talked with the owner, editor, researcher, all things Blues and Southern  Jerry “Boogie” Mason about the legendary Rubin Hughes……… Click below to listen to the interview with Mr. Mason……

Trending this weekend on the BluesNews for August 8-9, 2020….Lenny Williams has been keeping busy during the COVID 19 Outbreak.  He just dropped a new single titled Southern Girl.  Click below to hear Lenny Talk about the single and much more.


Trending this weekend on the BluesNews for August 1-2, 2020…The MOJO Museum in Chicago just received a huge boost……The 42nd Blues Music Awards submission process for May 6, 2021 is now open….And we lost another great Civil Rights Warrior……Click Here To Listen…..


AudioBluesNews for July 25-26, 2020

Click Sound Below to hear the interview with Mr. Charles Mitchell, the Executive Director of the Jus Blues Foundation on their 20th Anniversary Presentation on August 1st and 2nd..



Listen to an excerpt of Narvel Echols, The Country Boy from this upcoming weekend’s Fathers Day Show….Narvel is our Second Hour Special Guest This weekend….



With all the protest going on all over the world on police shootings of young black men and unjust treatment, there have been several Blues and Southern Soul Song released addressing these horrendous situations.  Avail Hollywood has one titled “I Can’t Breathe.” And a young 23 year old Chicago blues instrumentalist/blues singer named Wyatt Waddell released a video for his protest anthem titled “FIGHT.”  According to, it raises awareness for the protest movement and charities including Chicago Community Bond Fund, Black Lives Matter and the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  The Chicago Boy Wonder, as he’s referred to was watching as things unfolded on TV, and was inspired to do this song and video.  He did it within 24 hours and it turned out really nice.  You hear the song in the background, and we have a link to the Video and to the article on The BluesNews Page at……He did a great Job on this…..


I was reading this article on titled Questlove Rethinks the Summer Playlist.  He’s the leader of the Roots, the band on the Tonight Show.  The list came from his DJ sessions that he’s been hosting on Instagram through the pandemic……He named his top 10 albums to listen to if you are in Quarantine…..He had a great list….Some Stevie, some Roy Ayers, Some EWF, Some Tears of Fears….Very diverse….That Got me to thinking…..If I had to play 10 blues albums for blues fans to listen to while in quarantine across the summer for the entire family to enjoy…..What would they be…..Well, I did it, and here they are, not in any particular order…..This is a mixture of Live performances and Studio albums….

  1. Otis Clay Soul Man Live in Japan- 1985 -Great Stage Presences, Great Vocals, Extremely entertaining and the musicians are outstanding on this. His band included the Hodges Brothers…The vinyl set has many more songs than the BCD, so if you can find the vinyl set, you’re found a collectors item…..

  2. Mel Waiters – Material Things…..1999….This was one of the early days of the introduction of Southern Soul and Hole in the Wall really sprung the Southern Soul Craze. It’s a great album and it’s Very well put together

  3. B.B. King Live At Ole Miss……1980…This BCD really displayed the talents of B.B. King, and his band. His band doesn’t get the credit it deserves because B.B. was such a huge star…But B.B. made his band and his band Made B.B. This one is really kicking…

  4. Etta James Live at the Boarding House in San Francisco…1981…This one is so good because Etta poured her heart and everything else in this Album. You can really feel what she’s feeling in this and it’s a great listening Album….

  5. Bobby Blue Bland Two Steps From the Blues……1961….This was Bobby’s Debut Album and it is classic Bobby Blue Bland.  The early technology then is not what it is now, but Bobby’s voice made it work.  Bobby did some really great work in his time, but it started with Two Steps from the Blues.  Plus, Bobby is one of the Best Blues Crooners Ever…..

  6. Sir Charles Jones For Your Love Greatest Hits…..This BCD took all of Sir Charles hits and put them on one BCD. It even includes the hit Is There anybody Lonely, which vaulted him to the upper echelon, and the Bobby Womack hit, I Wish He Didn’t Trust me so much is on this….Charles did a great job with that song.  This is a great BCD…..And it’s vintage Sir Charles Jones…

  7. Ike and Tina Turner Live at Carnegie Hall…..1971…This concert placed the high energy Tina Turner in front of the Sophisticated people of Carnegie Hall in New York. Before that concert was finished, Tina had all the very high society and sodity people on the floor dancing. They had never seen a chitillin circuit show with such precision, flashes, and great singing as this…..Great listening

  8. Muddy Mississippi Waters Live….1979….Even though this is promoted as Live, it was actually done in a studio and produced by Johnny Winters. If you want to know what true blues is all about, check this out.  In my opinion, and I’ve said this a lot, this is the best blues album ever recorded.  Muddy kills it on this one, and the musicians are on point as I’ve never heard them before.  This one is great to listen to over this summer or anytime…

  9. Aretha Franklin Live in Paris…..1968….This was a young Aretha, and at that time, she blew everything away in music. She really took over the world with her vocals.  Don’t need to say too much about Aretha, but this will definitely introduce you to her early years of R & B which was just as good as her later years….

  10. Narvell Echols…Return of the Country Boy….2020…..This is the true definition of Delta Blues, Southern Soul, Traditional Blues with a 2020 twist. This guy put it all together and when you listen to this BCD, you will have as much fun listening as Narvell had making it.  This is great for summer listening…..

And that’s my 10 Blues must listen to Albums to listen to while you’re quarantining this summer.  ..If you want to see QuestLove’s 10 must listen to albums while quarantined, we have a link to it on the BluesNews page at…..Thanks Quest for the idea…..I’d like to hear yours…..Go to the web page and send me yours, or tweet me @rojeneblues…..


In an article in Vanity Fair, The stepsister of The Great Mystery BluesMan Robert Johnson, Annye C. Anderson, has written a book about her stepbrother.  It’s called Brother Robert: Growing Up with Robert Johnson.  The first question I asked myself when I read this story was, How old is this woman, writing a book now.  Well, as described in the article, she’s a Nonagenarian, meaning she’s at least 90, definitely between 90 and 100.  The book, according to her, will set the record straight about her brother and she was tired of him being this hard living hard drinking blues singer that sold his soul to the devil.  She says a lot of that stuff about her brother is a bunch of Bull, especially the part about him being a womanizer.  She says he was one nice guy.  And, there are supposedly two pictures of Robert Johnson.  On the cover of the book is a third picture that she’s had for years.  It’s done with a guy named Preston Lauterbach, and it goes on sale on June 9th.  If you want to read the article, there’s a link to it on the BluesNews page at


Blues Prodigy, Guitar extraordinaire, B-3 Organ master Lucky Peterson made the transition last Sunday May 17th in Dallas Texas.  Lucky was 55 years of age.  According to his FaceBook page, he was at home when he became ill and was rushed to the hospital and in critical condition.  Unfortunately, he did not recover.  He was born Judge Kenneth Peterson in Buffalo New York and his father was a famous Bluesman, James Peterson who owned a nightclub in Buffalo.  Lucky could play anything.  Guitar, organ, and his singing was so powerful.  He was accomplished in Blues, Gospel, Rock and Jazz, but his preference was The Blues and he spread the blues throughout the entire world.  When he was five years old, he on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show.  That’s just how talented he was.  Over his career, he recorded some 40 albums, and appeared on countless more.  As information on services come in, we’ll post it on our site,…We lost another great one in Lucky.  Our condolences go out to his wife Tamara and their kids. 



It was just last weekend we told you about an interview on the site about Little Richard…..Sadly, The Biggest Blues story from this past week is the passing of the founding Father, the architect of Rock and Roll Little Richard.  Little Richard Penniman made the transition last Saturday Morning at the age of 87.  He was born in Macon Georgia in December of 1932 and grew up around many uncles that were preachers and he started singing in the church.  His father was a bootlegger.  In the mid 50’s and early 60’s, Little Richard was the hottest in the country.  He is one of the pioneers of Rock and Roll, and had a flamboyant style that was second to none.  He dressed in all the colors of the rainbow and more, and had a hair style that stood at least 6 to 8 inches tall.  His first big hit was Tutti Frutti in 1956, and from there he recorded a series of hits including Lucille, Good Golly Miss Molly, Rip It Up, Long Tall Sally, and the Movie Theme, the Girl Can’t Help It….. He was one of the first inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, honor with a star on the Hollywood on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1990, has a street named in his honor in Macon Georgia in 1990, are just a few of the honors he received in his illustrious career.  He even did the song Itsy Bitsy Spider for Disney Records.  Little Richard has a storied history and legacy he left behind.  Private Services were held for him in Huntsville Alabama at Oakwood University where he studied ministry.  This guy had one heck of a life.  To find out more about Little Richard Wayne Penniman, we have links on the BluesNews Page at……Our condolences go out to the family of Richard Penniman, known to the world as Little Richard……


We also got the word that Bessie Regina Norris also made the transition last weekend.  She was known as Betty Wright. Betty was very young when she got into the music professionally, and she was very determined to do it the way she liked it.   She was known for hits like the Clean Up Woman, Girls Can’t do what the guys Do, and Where is the Love, which she won a Grammy for in 1974.  In the early 80’s, she started her own Record Label, something that had never been done by a female artist.  On her label, she recorded No Pain No Gain, and later Mother Wit, that went gold, another first for a Female Label Owner.  Her work has been sampled by Hip Hop artists galore, and she was an inspiration to many female artists on the scene today.  The Clean Up Woman,  Betty Wright was 66 years of age. Invitation Only Private services were held May 16th. 



The Covid 19-Conoravirus has caused entertainment destruction in our country…..You get information on all types of concerts and Sporting events being cancelled, among other things…. but not that much about Blues and Southern Soul Concerts.  That’s why I’m here…..I looked into it, and it’s devasting for these artists.  I talked with Nellie Tiger Travis, one of the huge stars of the Blues and Southern Soul circuit to get an inside look of how it’s impacting artists like her…..Listen Here:


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