postheadericon What Played: October 21-22, 2017

BLUESTIME IN THE CITY WITH R-R-ROJENE BAILEY SHOW #1143 FOR WEEKEND OF OCTOBER 21-22, 2017                    ARTIST                                                  SONG TITLE
Jeff Floyd WorkAholic
Val McKnight and Ms Jody It’s Party Time
Willie Clayton Sneakin and Creepin
Theodis Ealey Mississippi Delta
Pat Brown I’m Just Your Fool
Mr. Sipp Juke Joint
Wilson Meadows Lady Luck
Toni Green Keeping Up With The Joneses
Calvin Richardson I Can Understand It
LaRome Powers She So Cruel
Karyn Wolfe You Ain’t No Player
The Top of the Hour 5-Minute Mini Blues Concert Presents Opening Act Carol Fran Live in New Orleans and the                       Headliner Millie Jackson Live in LA
Carol Fran Live I Need To Be Be’d With
Millie Jackson Live Millie Jackson Medley
Alonzo Reid I’m Having A Party
Ms Jody I Did It
Nelson Curry Call Me
Denise LaSalle Your Husband Is Cheatin On Us
Patrick Green Just Because
Mel Waiters Ice Chest
Tommy Brown Weepin and Cryin Blues
Trudy Lynn Left Me Singing The Blues
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