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BLUESTIME IN THE CITY WITH R-R-ROJENE BAILEY SHOW #1101 FOR WEEKEND OF JANUARY 6-7, 2018 TOP 20 MOST REQUESTED FROM 2017   SONG #                     ARTIST                                       SONG TITLE
20 Bishop Bullwinkle Hell To The Na Na Na
19 O.B. Buchana Take My Wife Back Please
18 Theodis Ealey Mississippi Delta
17 Cool Ricky Blues Dirty 30 Naughty 40
16 Shebia Potts Wright I Want Your Man
15 Pokey Side Piece
14 Latimore Mr. Right Now
13 Johnnie Taylor Last Two Dollars
12 Toni Green I’m Tired of Being Good
11 Willie Clayton Back Side of 50
10 Karyn Wolfe Git Your Lie Straight
09 Bigg Rogg Don’t Let The Gray Hair Fool You
The Top of the Hour 5-Minute Mini Blues Concert Presents The Most Requested Live Concert for 2017~Etta James Live in San Fran
Live Performance Etta James Sugar On The Floor
08 Nellie Tiger Travis Hey Mr. Sexy Man
07 Calvin Richardson Dark Side Of Love
06 Gina Brown I’m A Lady
05 Lacee Clean Up Woman
04 Ms Jody I Had To Lie
Cheating Song J Wonn 2 Ways
In The Runnings Big G Last Pay Check
Old School Requested Z.Z. Hill Down Home Blues
03 Shebia Potts Wright Stay With Your Wife
02 Mel Waiters Hole In The Wall
01 Jesse James Lost My Baby on FaceBook
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