postheadericon What Played: February 10-11, 2018

BLUESTIME IN THE CITY WITH R-R-ROJENE BAILEY SHOW #1206 FOR WEEKEND OF FEBRUARY 10-11, 2018                    ARTIST                                                  SONG TITLE
Rockin Sidney Do The Second Line
Denise LaSalle In A Midnight Mood
Johnnie Taylor Take Me To The Mardi Gras
Artie BluesBoy White Your Man Is Home Tonight
Tina Turner Darlin You Know I Love You
Muddy Waters I Just Want To Make Love To You
Bucklwheat Zydeco Walkin To New Orleans
Sir Charles Jones Bring It On Home To Me
Shemika Copeland Happy Valentine’s Day Baby
Laitmore Sunshine Lady
Francine Reed For Your Precious Love
The Top of the Hour 5-Minute Mini Blues Concert Presents Opening Act  Carol Fran Live in New Orleans and the                     Headliners are Beau Jocque and The Zydeco Rollers
Carol Fran Live I Needs To Be Be’d Wit
Beau Jocque Live Give Him Cornbread
Patrick Green Still A Thrill
Etta James Damn Your Eyes
Floyd Taylor Still Got It
Bobby Jones She’s Cheatin On Me
Bobby Rush Henpecked
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