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THE BLUESNEWS FROM THE WORLD OF THE BLUESBLUES FOR THE WEEKEND OF SEPTEMBER 9-10, 2017 This came from the American Blues Scene site…..Vinyl Records are making a comeback, but Picture Vinyl Records are really making a comeback.  These are the records with the pictures on the actual records.  They were very popular in the 70’s, but mostly for R & B, Rock, and other genres of music… Now, the Picture Vinyl of blues is really coming on strong.  According to J.D. Nash in an article on the American Blues Scene web site, graphics and pictures are on a lot of Blues Releases now, to include Sugar Blue,  John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Johnson, Joe Bonamassa, Howlin Wolf and many other Blues Stars.   These are extremely popular at events like Record Store Day, which was just celebrated. J.D. reminds you that they are not cheap, and listed some of the favorite picks.  We have a link to the article on the BluesNews page at BluesTime In The…. BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM We play Marquise Knox every once and an while on this show….Marquise is one of the young guns of the blues from the Saint Louis area….Marquise was attacked and stabbed as he returned home from a gig on August 26th… He was taken to the Memorial Hospital and was treated for his injuries.  The case is still under investigation, according to the Bowling Green Missouri police report…It happened as he was entering his home……Marquis reported on his Facebook page, and I’m quoting…”I thought I was going to die…Thankfully, my collarbone stopped the object….”  Scary stuff…It seems that he’ll be just fine….He’s suppose to appear in St Louis on Saturday, the 16th…Don’t know if he’ll make it…I’ll check that out…. BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM Of Course, our hearts and prayers go out to the blues fans and all the people of Houston and surrounding area that was impacted by Harvey.…..We will do whatever we can do for you to make sure you bounce back…I could not imagine going through something like that…. BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM And, Monday is September 11th, and we cannot forget what happened September 11, 2001….If you need a reminder of what happened September 11, 2001, just go to the bluesnews page of….We have a link to a lot of what took place…. BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COMBLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM WHERE THEY AT WHERE THEY AT:
Wed Sept 13 Bobby Rush Kansas City MO Knuckleheads Salon
Thur Sept 14 Grady Champion Oxford MS Thacker Mountain Radio
Thur Sept 14 Lenny Williams Pomona CA Fairplex
Sat Sept 16 Sir Charles Jones Ruston LA Ruston Civic Center
Sat Sept 16 Denise LaSalle Vick Allen Willie Clayton Bobby Rush Nellie Tiger Travis Sweet Angel Grady Champion Nathaniel Kimble The Young Kid Kingfisy Greenville MS Delta Blues Festival
Sun Sept 17 Grady Champion St Louis MO National Blues Museum
Sun Sept 17 Tyree Neal Jeter Jones And Others Baton Rouge LA Daiquiri Lounge
Fri Sept 22 Nellie Tiger Travis Chicago IL Rosa’s Lounge
Fri Sept 22 Kenny Neal San Francisco CA Embarcadero
Sat Sept 23 Kenny Neal San Luis Obispo CA Slo Vets Hall
Fri Sept 22 Buddy Guy Saint Charles IL Arcada Theatre
Sat Sept 23 Alonzo Reid Pensacola FL Speak Easy
Sat Sept 23 Willie Clayton Sir Charles Jones Sheba Potts Wright Pokey Bear Tucka College Park GA Wolf Creek
Sat Sept 23 Buddy Guy Louisville KY Bourbon and Beyond
Sat Sept 23 Grady Champion Ridgeland MS Lake House
Sat Sept 23 Bobby Rush Tupelo MS Forward Festival
Sat Sept 23 J Wonn T.J. Hooker Taylor Anthony Hamilton Holly Springs MS United center
Sun Sept 24 Nellie Tiger Travis Chicago IL Blue Chicago
And that my friends is the BluesNews from the World of the BluesBlues and THROUGHOUT THE SHOW, WE’VE BEEN LETTING YOU  know “WHERE THEY AT:”  
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