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BLUESTIME IN THE CITY WITH R-R-ROJENE BAILEY SHOW #12­­17 FOR WEEKEND OF APRIL 28-29, 2018                    ARTIST                                                  SONG TITLE
Benny Turner I Can’t Leave
Gwen McCrae Gittin What You Want
Sir Charles Jones My Everything
Grady Champion Move Something
Denise LaSalle Don’t Mess With My Man
Greg Smith Don’t Cry No More
Wilson Meadows A-T-T-ITUDE
Albert King Rub My Back
Steve J Another Jody Song
Omar Cunningham Tennessee Whiskey
Tina Turner A Fool In Love
Tyrone Davis Turning Point
The Top of the Hour 5-Minute Mini Blues Concert Presents Opening Act Toni Green Live in Paris and Headliner Johnnie Taylor Live in LA
Toni Green Live in Paris Just Call Me
Johnnie Taylor Live in LA Jody Got Your Girl and Gone
O.B. Buchana Ghetto Funk
Lacee Don’t Let The Clean Up  Woman
Mel Waiters Got My Whiskey
Sheba Potts Wright Stay With Your Wife
Uncle Eddie I’m Gone Tell Mama
Donnie Ray Grown Folks Spot
Diedre Anybody Seen My Man
B.B. King You Upset Me Baby
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