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BLUESTIME IN THE CITY WITH R-R-ROJENE BAILEY SHOW #12­­16 FOR WEEKEND OF, APRIL 21-22, 2018                    ARTIST                                                  SONG TITLE
B.B. King and Jimmy Smith 3 O’Clock In The Morning
U.V. Hayes You Make Me Happy
Willie Clayton Sneakin and Creepin
Mr. Sipp Ain’t Nobody Business
Dorothy Moore Do Ya
Z.Z. Hill Friends Down Home Blues
Grady Champion I Slipped and Fell In Love
Tee Dees Young One Foot In
Gina Brown I’m A Lady
Theodis Ealey and Lacee You And I Together
Toni Green Just Call Me
Mel Waiters Bump and Grind
The Top of the Hour 5-Minute Mini Blues Concert Presents KoKo Taylor An Audience With The Queen
KoKo Taylor Live Come To Mana
KoKo Taylor Live Wang Dang Doodle
Alonzo Reid I’m Having A Party
Ms Jody It’s A Reunion
Vick Allen Do Thangs
Kenny Neal Caught Your Back Door Man
Bob Steele Your Dress is Too Short
Trudy Lynn Ace In The Hole
Z.Z. Hill Medley Someone Else Down Home Blues Bad Reputation Rains It Pours
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