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According to the New York Times, a series of hand written wills from the late great Aretha Franklin has thrown the structure of the late singer’s estate in turmoil.  The four sons were originally suppose to divide the estate equally, but now, two sons are opposing the most recent will dated 2014 and two are supporting it.  According to one son, he would inherit much less under the 2014 will.  The 2014 will names Franklin’s youngest son as the executor, who replaces a niece.  Add to all of that, there is the tax issue the estate faces.  According to the article, what the lawyers are trying to do is to lay our a plan that all parties can agree on rather than go through very lengthy and expensive litigation.  Why Aretha wrote the series of wills is still a question her lawyers are asking, since Aretha dealt with her father’s C.L. Franklin’s estate who had no will, and her sister’s Carolyn who had no will.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  The lesson to learn here is “regardless of your health, wealth, or age, make out a will to save a lot of trouble down the road.  You know everybody want a piece of the action when you’re gone……A Judge will consider the hand written wills left by Aretha at a hearing on June 17th. 

What do you do when you’re 80 years of age?  If you’re Mavis Staples, you release a new album.  She will be 80 July 19th….That’s close enough…. “We Get By” was released earlier this month and it was written and produced by Bluesman Ben Harper. According to Jtaples, The songs are delivering such a strong message.  We truly need to make change if we want this world to be better.”  The photograph on the album is from the late photographer Gordon Parks, from his 1956 photo essay The Restraints: Open and Hidden.  Gordon Parks is someone you should Google and you’d be surprised at his accomplishments.  Mavis’s father, Pops Staples was a writer of what he called Protest Songs back in the 50’s and 60’s, so this makes a lot of sense.  We Get By is out now, and that’s what you do when you’re 80 years old.  We have a link to the trailer for We Get By on the BluesNews page at…..


And beginning Friday the 7th, It’s the Chicago Blues Festival. Hundreds of thousands of people will gather from all over the world to listen to three days of great blues.  And yes, I will bone of them.  Blues artists of every Blues genre will be there and the best thing about the Chicago Blues Festival is that it is absolutely free.  Yes free.  Fear not…If you cannot make it this year, I will be tell you about it all.  If you want to at least know the line ups, we have a link to it on the BluesNews page at….


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