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Congratulations are in order for Grammy Award winning BluesMan Bobby Rush.  Pine Bluff Arkansas honored Bobby last Friday with a ceremony dedicating what was Third Avenue as Bobby Rush Way.  It was open to the Public and this came to fruition by the efforts of the Delta Rhythm and Bayous Alliance.  The city Council passed of Pine Bluff passed the resolution to rename parts of Third Avenue because of Bobby’s roots growing up in the area.  Congratulations to Bobby Rush, and this is an honor well deserved.  Pine Bluff is the first City to bestow such an honor on the King of the Chitlin Circuit in the entire country.  I just hope Bobby didn’t sing his song, I Ain’t Studdin You….Just Kidding…..


And while we’re doling out congratulations, Congrats go out to Sir Charles Jones….He has launched Atlanta Access, a subsidiary of Music Access, which is a distributor of music that distributes music for everyone, including artists of Blues, Hip Hop, Gospel, Reggae, Country  Southern Soul and all genres of music.  They’re based in Dallas Texas and they have quite a few artists on board including Big Pokey Bear, and Geeter Jones.  Of Course Sir Charles is on board.  We’ll try to catch up with Sir Charles this week, and find out more of Music Access


And last but not least, you have until October 15th….That’s the deadline for submitting your music to the Blues Foundation for the 2020 Blues Music Awards. According to The Blues Foundation’s Website, the event brings together Blues performers, industry representatives and fans from all over the world to celebrate the best in Blues recordings and performances from the previous year.  Your recording must have been done between November 1st, 2018 and October 31st, 2019.  If you want to submit something, we have a link to the submission information on the BluesNews Page at….


Last Week, we talked about Victor Newman star of the long running soap opera The Young and The Restless. The reason we talked about it was because the late great Bobby Blue Bland and his son Rod Bland were and are fans of the Young and the Restless.  Well some of our listeners are fans as well, and Barbara out of Tallahassee Florida listening on WANM The Flavour Station in Tallahassee brought us up to date on what she calls the Young and the Foolish……
(Barbara Merritt)

Just like the late Bobby Bland said last weekend, they kill him off and he comes right back.  Barbara said he was back the next day after he supposedly died…..Thanks Barbara Merritt and keep us informed on the Young and the Foolish…..or Restless….


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