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THE BLUESNEWS FROM THE WORLD OF THE BLUESBLUES FOR THE WEEKEND OF MARCH 31 AND APRIL 1, 2018 It’s a done deal….Shaw University’s WSHA-FM 88.9 Campus radio station has been sold, according to Shaw’s Interim President.  WSHA has been the home for jazz, blues, reggae, gospel, and thousands of hours of public affairs program over the years, and it was the first public station owned by a HBCU, signing on the air in 1968.  The deal should be finalized in about 90 days.  Of course, there’s an outcry from the Alumni Association and Friends of Shaw alike, and a petition has been started on to save the station.  According to the upper echelon at Shaw speaking to various news outlets in Raleigh North Carolina, the sale is “part of a plan to provide a 21st century education for the students who elect to come to Shaw.”  The investment in the mass communications department is a way for the school to improve the career possibilities, the educational programs, the things that attract students to the university.”  It was a couple of years ago that Fayetteville State sold their station WFSS-FM to the University of North Carolina.  Of course, I’m a Black College fan, and this show airs on WSHA in Raleigh, but I look at this two ways, and let me be clear… I’m on the outside looking in.  I do understand the concerns of the rich tradition of a campus radio station, and I also look at how the communications landscape is changing in the world especially with the millennials coming of age.  Radio is totally different now, and according to what I’ve read, the upper echelon is trending to the future with new mass communications infrastructure being installed for learning purposes.  But that does not satisify the older alumni faithfuls and friends of WSHA in this situation.  It’s obviously a no win situation for Shaw, but like they did 50 years ago when they brought radio to the campus, 50 years from now, this may be looked at as a bold move for Shaw…We’ll have to wait and see… BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM Wednesday April 4th is the birthday of the late Muddy Waters, and there’s been a petition going around to get Google to put a Google Doogle of Muddy Waters on their home page on the 4th… A lot of people signed the petition and I don’t think we will know if the Mud makes until Wednesday.  Check in on on Wednesday to see if this petition has been successful.  I think they got enough participants to make it happen…Check it out on Wednesday, on Muddy Waters Birthday…. BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM BLUESTIMEINTHECITY.COM WHERE THEY AT WHERE THEY AT:
Wed Apr 4 Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials Lincoln NE Zoo Bar
Thur Apr 5 Mud Morganfield Evanston IL SPACE
Fri April 6 Latimore Willie Clayton Calvin Richardson Sir Charles Jones Bobby Rush St Louis MO Chaifetz Arena
Sat April 7 O.B. Buchana Wendell B Sir Charles Jones Tyree Neal Jeff Floyd Many More Mobile AL Fairgrounds  
Sat Apr 7 Vick Allen Houston TX Taylors
Sat Apr 7 Nellie Tiger Travis Bobby Rush Willie Clayton Latimore Calvin Richardson Pokey Chicago IL McCormick Place
Sat April 7 Donnie Ray Shreveport LA Southern Soul Lounge
Sat April 7 LaMorris Williams Lebrado Donnie Ray   Ruston LA Ruston Civic Center
Sun Apr 8 Sir Charles Jones Calvin Richardson Wendell B Tampa FL Water Works Park
Fri Apr 13 Lacee Lennie Williams Sir Charles Jones Theodis Ealey Nellie Tiger Travis Greenville SC Bon Secours Wellness Arena
Sat Apr 14 Bobby Rush Sweet Angel Memphis TN Paradise Entertainment Ctr
Fri and Sat 13-14 Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials Chicago IL Kingston Mine
Sat Apr 14 Chairman of the Board Selma NC The Farm
Sat Apr 14 T.K. Soul Lenny Williams JoJo Murray Steve Perry Bassfield MS Williamsburg Music Park
Sat Apr 14 Bigg Robb Fort Wayne IN C2G Music Hall
Sat Apr 14 Mr. Sam Terry Wright Memphis TN Cook’s Lake
Sat Apr 21 Betty Wright L.J. Echols Nellie Tiger Travis Weldon NC Halifax Community College
Sat Apr 21 T.K. Soul Texarkana TX Octavia’s Event Center
Sat Apr 21 William Bell Cape May NJ Cape May Convention Ctr
Sat Apr 21 Vick Allen Little Rock AR
Sat Apr 21 Sir Charles Jones Latimore Theodis Ealey Clarence Carter Pokey Bear Savannah GA Savannah Civic Ctr
Sat Apr 21 Trudy Lynn Tomball TX Main Street Crossing
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