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THE BLUESNEWS FROM THE WORLD OF THE BLUESBLUES FOR THE WEEKEND OF FEBRUARY 18-19, 2017 This is my all time favorite Al Jarreau song….Teach Me Tonight…Al Jarreau has made the transition. He fell ill last week and was forced to retire, albeit very short, for the rest of his 2017 tour.  He was hospitalized for exhaustion in LA but passed away last Sunday.  After 50 years of travelling the world spreading his music, the crooner is gone.  Teach Me Tonight is a Great song…Breaking Away is great, as is Mornin and Roof Garden… who could forget the 1981 hit….We’re in This Love Together or the 1983 hit….Black and Blues.. and what about Distracted from 1980……Love me some Al Jarreau….. Love me some Al Jarreau music…. Renowned worldwide, Multiple Grammy award winner Al Jerreau was 76 years of age…Our condolences go out to the Al Jarreau Family…..We have a link to his web site on the BluesNews Page at Congratulations to Bobby Rush for winning the Best Traditional Blues Album Grammy last Sunday night for his Porcupine Meat BCD….William Bell won for the Best Americana Album, This is Where I live…That’s all I saw that is of interest to the Blues…. Congrats to Bobby and William….. The Queen of Soul announced that she is retiring this year, after the release of a new album.  She told WDIV Television anchor Evrod Cassimy, channel 4 in Detroit that the album should be out in September, and she will do a few select dates, meaning that she won’t fully retire, but a gig here and there…and that will be it for her.  Semi-Retirement….. She’s spent 56 years as a singer and songwriter.  She wants to spend more time with her grandchildren….. Good for Aretha…You can’t be mad with her because she’s given us some of the best music ever, with more to come….You go girl….Do your thing, whatever it is……Want to see the full story, we have a link to on the BluesNews Page on WHERE THEY AT WHERE THEY AT:
Fri Feb 24 William Bell New York NY Lincoln Center
Sat Feb 25 T.K. Soul Meridian MS Temple Theater
Sat Feb 25 Vick Allen San Antonio TX Southern Girls Food and Music
Sat Feb 25 Mr. Sipp Birmingham AL Workplay Theater
Sat Feb 25 Lil Ed and The Blues Imperials Redkey IN Key Palace Theater
Sat Feb 25 Avail Hollywood Monroe LA Doc Chillys Dance
Sat Feb 25 Summer Wolfe Avail Hollywood Uncle Wayne Ruston LA Enstyle Fashions Bldg
Sat Feb 25 L.J. Echols Tuscaloosa AL Bama Theater
Mon Feb 27 Mr. David Mobile AL The Locale
Tue Feb 28 Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials Elk Rapids MI Pearls
Wed Mar 1 Buddy Guy Los Angeles CA The Wiltern
Thur Mar 2 William Bell Boulder CO E Town Hall
Fri Mar 3 Peggy Scott Adams Tre Williams Vicksburg MS City Auditorium
Fri Mar 3 Nellie Tiger Travis San Antonio TX Santa’s Place
Fri Mar 3 Lil Ed Chicago IL Buddy Guys Legend
Sat Mar 4 Sir Charles Willie Clayton Denise LaSalle Theodis Ealey Merrillville IN Star Plaza Theatre
Sat Mar 4 T.K. Soul Ms Jody Albany GA Albany Civic Center
Sat Mar 4 Buddy Guy Valley Center CA  
Sat Mar 4 Vic Allen Sweet Angel Nathaniel Kimble Rue Davis Greenwood MS Leflore County Civic Center
Sat Mar 4 Calvin Richardson Chattanooga TN Bessie Smith Cultural Ctr
Sat Mar 4 Grady Champion Jackson MS  
Need information on the actual location of artists appearances….. Just go to and click the BluesNews Page.  If you know of an artist appearing anywhere at any time, email us at let us know Where They At…And that my friends is the BluesNews from the world of the BluesBlues, and that’s Where They At…..Where They At…..  
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