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The great jazz singer and guitarist George Benson is doing something great with his upcoming CD…It’s titled Walking To New Orleans and it’s remembering Fats Domino and Chuck Berry.  He’s doing their music and according to the article I read on, he says he really enjoyed doing this.  Benson also say that Chuck Berry was a great showman and a great musician, and Fats Domino cut nothing but hit after hit after hit, quoting Benson.  Some of Chuck’s tunes he’s doing are You Can’t Catch Me, Havana Moon, Memphis Tennessee, and How You’ve Changed.  Some of Fats Domino tunes he’s doing are Blue Monday, I Hear You Knocking, and Walking To New Orleans.  Chuck Berry made the transition on March 18 of 2017, and Fats Domino made the transition on October 24 of 2017.  The album is due out April 26th and of course you can order the album before the release date.  I really Love to see these huge stars like George Benson paying homage to those before them… Quite touching.


We mentioned last weekend on the BluesNews that the legendary Aretha Franklin would be inducted in the Blues Foundation’s Blues Hall of Fame on May 8th in Memphis Tennessee, along with others.  Aretha will be getting a lot of tributes and I think last weekend was just the beginning.  Did you see the tribute that CBS Television and the Grammy Foundation did last Sunday Night on Aretha.  It was Fabulous.  They did a tremendous job on honoring a great Lady of Soul.  From beginning to end, the stars just kept coming and singing Aretha’s hits.  And Madea, or should I say, Tyler Perry did a tremendous job of hosting.  When Jennifer Hudson opened the program with “Ain’t No Way,” all I could say was Woah…I see why they cast Jennifer Hudson to play the part of the great Aretha Franklin in the upcoming biopic “Respect” due out in August of 2020.  If you don’t know, that is in the works now.  According to Variety Magazine, Aretha personally picked Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson to play her before she passed, and last Sunday night showed why.  Great tribute to The Queen of Soul. 


And while we’re talking about the Queen of Soul, in theatres now, the never released 1972 concert Aretha film titled “Amazing Grace.” The film documents a two ngiht performance of her gospel music’s biggest selling live album.  It is said that this album is the most successful in her entire career.  The story goes that Aretha did not like it, and it was never released. They just put it away.  In 2007, a producer named Alan Elliott bought the rights and after Aretha made the transition, got with the estate and they gave it a go.  Now it’s in theaters.  You want to see the trailer, we have a link to it on the BluesNews Page at….

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