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I don’t know if you watch America’s Got Talent with Nick Cannon, but on watching it last week, I was very impressed by a young 12 year brat that did a rendition of I’d Rather Go Blind.  His name is Quantavius Johnson and he’s from Franklin Tennessee.  The good thing about the little brat is that, he nailed it.  The kid did one heck of a job with the song.  The little brat says he loves to sing with his grand mother.  He’s in the finals of AMT, and you can watch the show and vote to put him over the top…The little brat was really good….Got a standing ovation from the judges…..You go little brat….

Trudy Lynn has a new BCD entitled “Royal Oaks Blues Café.” I just played a cut from it…Effervescent Daddy……As of last weekend, it was the top selling blues album on the charts as compiled by Neilson SoundScan… Trudy is out of Houston, and she was the winner of the Jus Blues KoKo Taylor Award for 2013.  When Trudy puts on a show, she puts on a show….Congrats to Trudy and her success…..

The announcements were made for the Kennedy Center Inductions in December.  Among the receipts this year is the great Al Green.  Green will be joined by Lily Tomlin, Tom Hanks, Sting, and Patricia McBride.   Al’s first hit, Tired of Being Alone, hit the charts in 1971, and it was all uphill for Al, until the grits hit the fan.  He came back to gospel where he originally started and then back to R and B…… One thing is for sure with Al Green… He can definitely sing R & B, gospel, or anything else, and his music will live forever.  Great choice by the Kennedy Center.  The induction ceremony will take place Sunday, December 7th


Tuesday, Sept 16, 2014

Lee Fields


The Empty Bottle

Wed, Sept 17, 2014

Chuck Berry

St Louis

Blueberry Hill

Fri, Sept 19, 2014

Lenny Williams

Pomona CA


Fri, Sept 19, 2014

Buddy Guy

Hollywood FL

Hard Rock Cafe

Fri, Sept 19, 2014

Kenne Wayne

Houston TX

Jones Plaza

Fri, Sept 19, 2014

Avail Hollywood

Ms Jody

Greenville MS

Hollywood Palace

Fri, Sept 19, 2014

Lil Ed

Chicago IL

Rosa’s Lounge

Fri, Sept 19, 2014

Grady Champion

Clarksdale MS

Ground Zero

Fri, Sept 19, 2014

Vick Allen

Hazelhurst MS

O’Hara’s Spot

Sat, Sept 20, 2014

Sir Charles Jones

West Point MS

Bryan Union Hall

Sat, Sept 20, 2014

Willie Clayton

Bobby Rush

Grady Champion

Sweet Angel

Greenville MS

Washington County Convention Ctr

Sat, Sept 20, 2014

Tre Williams

Robert The Duke Tillman

Jackson MS

Elks Lodge

Sat, Sept 20, 2014

Buddy Guy

Clearwater Fl

Ruth Eckerd Hall

Sat, Sept 20, 2014

Vick Allen,

Avail Hollywood

Jeff Floyd

Columbus Toy

Eldorado AK

Union County Fairgrounds

Sept 20, 2014


Marion Junction AK


Fri, Sept 21, 2014

Joe Louis Walker

Denton TX

Denton Blues Fest

Wed, Sept 24, 2014

Buddy Guy

Atlanta GA

Cobb Energy Center

Wed, Sept 24, 2014

Vick Allen

Biloxi MS

Blues On the Bch

Sept 25-26, 2014

Lil Ed

Las Vegas NV

Big Blues Bender

Fri, Sept 26, 2014

B.B. King

Las Vegas NV

Rivera Hotel

Fri, Sept 26, 2014

Buddy Guy

Nashville TN

Schermerhorn Ctr

Sat, Sept 27, 2014

Grady Champion

Vicksburg MS

Bottle Neck Blues Bar

Sat, Sept 27, 2014

Bobby Rush

Kansas City MO


Sat, Sept 27, 2014

Avail Hollywood

Bay Springs MS

Club Envy

Sat, Sept 27, 2014

B.B. King

Phoenix AZ

Comerica Theatre

Sat, Sept 27, 2014


Brookville MS


Sat, Sept 27, 2014

Pat Brown

Jackson MS

Jones Corner

Sun, Sept 28, 2014

Ms Jody, L.J. Echols

Clinton MS

Craple Club Park


If you know of an artist appearing anywhere at any time, email us at and let us know, where they at….And that my friends is the BluesNews from the world of the BluesBlues, and that’s Where They At….Where They At…


postheadericon What Played: September 13-14, 2014


                   ARTIST                                                  SONG TITLE

B.B. King

Monday Morning Blues

Sweet Angel

Moving On


Everyday I Have The Blues

Mel Waiters

Down Home People

Sir Charles

Good Ole Country Boy

Pat Cooley

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss

B.B. King and Buddy Guy

I Pity The Fool

Johnnie Taylor

Last Two Dollars

Nellie Tiger Travis

Cole Feet

Floyd Taylor

It’s On Me

Donnie Ray

Black Magic

Little Milton

If Walls Could Talk

The Top of the Hour 5-Minute Mini Blues Concert Presents B.B. King Live At Ole Miss the Opening Act and B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland Together Again the Headliner

B.B. King Live


B.B. King Live

Rock Me Baby

B.B. and Bobby Blue Bland

Let The Good Times Roll

Albert King

Cold Women

Jeff Floyd

I Found Love

Trudy Lynn

Efferversent Daddy

B.B. King

We Can’t Agree

David Malone

I’ve Got The Dog In Me

U.V. Hayes

You Make Me Happy

Z.Z. Hill

It Ain’t No Use

B.B. King

Happy Birthday Blues


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postheadericon What Played: September 6-7, 2014

SHOW #836

                   ARTIST                                                  SONG TITLE

Preston Shannon

The Bottom

Mel Waiters

Who Got The Whiskey


Rent Man

Cicero Blake

Be Careful With My Heart

Karyn Wolfe

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

John Lee Hooker

The Healer

Cool Ricky Blues

Dirty 30 Naughty 40

Joe Louis Walker

Don’t Let Go

Bobby Blue Bland

Ain’t Doin Too Bad

Bobby Rush

I Ain’t Studdin You

Johnnie Taylor

It’s September



The Top of the Hour 5-Minute Mini Blues Concert Presents
Opening Act Etta James Live At The Boarding House and The                     Headliner Ray Charles Live in Atlanta GA

Etta James Live

Sugar On The Floor

Ray Charles Live

Tell The Truth

Ray Charles Live

What’d I Say

Ms Jody

Where Can I Find A Good Man

B.B. King

Shake It Up and Go

Jesse James

Lost My Baby On FaceBook


Clean Out Your Dresser

Willie Clayton

Down Home Blues

Shebia Potts Wright

Stay With Your Wife

Luther Lackey

Dirty Heffa

Little Milton

Little BlueBird




postheadericon BluesNews from the World of BluesBlues: September 6-7, 2014


Legendary Blues Artist, Joe Poonanny made the transition on August 27th …. He was born in Birmingham Alabama where his family lived across the street from a Blues Club.  He started out on playing the drums, because when he looked through the back door of the blues club, all he could see was the drummer.  So, he pursued the drums.  He ran night clubs and managed bands for about 30 years, but was not satisfied with that.  According to his bio on Malaco Records web site, he wanted to leave something with his name on it.  He teamed up with Waldoxy Records and Poonanny Be Still was recorded.  As he puts it, “People love knowing somebody’s else’s business.” That was his calling card.  Playing on words.  Poonanny Be Still became an instant hit, and others followed after that.  He was dubbed as the Godfather of the Chitlin Circuit.  His last album release was Brand New Cadillac….. Other albums recorded by Poonanny are  Grindin Man, That Baby ain’t Black Enough, Ponyrider and many more.  He was the best Blues Comedian out there.  His Going Home Celebration was September 3rd in Bessemer Alabama……

The brains behind One of the most informative Southern Soul web sites on the web, Southern Soul R &, where I get a lot of my information from and is run by a guy that calls himself Daddy B. Nice, is have surgery soon.  We won’t get into the specifics, but we want to wish Daddy B. Nice a speedy recovery, and let him know that we’re sending up a bunch of em for him….Get well dude….You’re the best at what you do….



Sept 8, 2014                         Candi Staton                                          London England                                   The Jazz Cafe

Sept 9, 2014                         Aretha Franklin                                                      Houston TX                            Arena Theatre

Sept 11, 2014                      Bobby Rush                                             New Orleans                        House of Blues

Sept 12, 2014                      Mel Waiters                                           San Antonio TX                    Highland Social Club

Sept 12, 2014                      Robert Cray, Buddy Guy                                    Telluride CO                          Blues and Brews Fest
                                                      Lee Fields, George Clinton

Sept 12-13, 2014               Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials    Chicago IL                               B.L.U.E.S.

Sept 12, 2014                      Columbus Toy, Chris Ivy                                    Belzoni MS                             Grown/Sexy Sports Bar

Sept 13, 2014                      Omar Cunningham                             Tyler TX                                                      The Meeting Place

Sept 13, 2014             Karen Wolfe, Sir Charles    Montgomery AL         Garrett Colliseum
J Wonn, T.K. Soul

Sept 16, 2014             Lee Fields                             Chicago IL                  The Empty Bottle

Sept 17, 2014             Chuck Berry                            St Louis MO               Blueberry Hill

Sept 19, 2014             Lenny Williams                    Pomona CA                Fairplex

Sept 19, 2014             Lacee                                      Baton Rouge            

Sept 19, 2014             Kenny Wayne                                    Houston TX                Jones Plaza  

Sept 19, 2014             Avail Hollywood, Ms Jody   Greenville MS                       Hollywood Palace

Sept 19, 2014             Grady Champion                  Clarksdale MS                      Ground Zero

Sept 19, 2014             Buddy Guy                             Hollywood FL                        Hard Rock Casino

Sept 20, 2014             Buddy Guy                             Clearwater FL                        Ruth Eckerd Hall

Sept 20, 2014             Sir Charles Jones                 West Point MS          Bryan Union Hall

Sept 20, 2014             Lacee                                      Port Gibson MS

Sept 20, 2014             Willie Clayton, Bobby Rush           Greenville MS                       Delta Blues Festival
Grady Champion, Sweet Angel


Sept 20, 2014             Robert Tillman, Tre Williams        Jackson MS                Elks Lodge    

If you know of an artist appearing anywhere at any time, email us at and let us know, Where they at….And that my friends is the BluesNews from the world of the BluesBlues, and that’s where they at….where they at…


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postheadericon BluesNews from the World of BluesBlues: August 30-31, 2014


The Film “Take Me To The River” is out and will be shown in Theaters around the country….Take me to the River is a celebration of sorts, showing the influence of Memphis Tennessee in the face of discrimination and segregation.  Participants in the film range to the old to the young.  Appearing in the film are William Bell, Mavis Staples, Lil P-Nut, Bobby Blue Bland, Charlie Musselwhite, Yo Gotti, Bobby Rush and many other artists.  In talking with William Bell, he said during the process of putting the film and the soundtrack together, he was very impressed with Snoop Dogg…..

Is it still Snoop Dogg or is it Snoop Lion now… Snoop Dogg and William Bell did I Forgot to be your Lover on the Soundtrack.  We have a track list on the BluesNews page on…..If you’re in New Orleans, you can see a preview on September 4th…If you’re in Memphis, September 10th, and if you’re in Atlanta, September 11th….

  1. “Ain’t No Sunshine” – Bobby “Blue” Bland featuring Yo Gotti
    2. “Wish I Had Answered” – Mavis Staples with North Mississippi All-Stars
    3. “Be Like Me” – Bar Kays featuring 8Ball and MJG
    4. “Push and Pull” – Bobby Rush* featuring Frayser Boy
    5. “Supposed to Be” – Booker T. with North Mississippi All-Stars featuring Al Kapone
    6. “Trying to Live My Life Without You” – Otis Clay featuring P-Nut
    7. “I’ve Been Buked” – Mavis Staples with North Mississippi All-Stars
    8. “I Forgot to Be Your Lover” – William Bell with Stax Music Academy feat. Snoop Dogg
    9. “If I Should Have Bad Luck” – Charlie Musselwhite with the City Champs
    10. “Knock On Wood” – William Bell with Stax Music Academy
    11. “Henpecked” – Bobby Rush* featuring Frayser Boy
    12. “Walk Away” – Terrence Howard with Hi Rhythm Section


September 1, 2014                            Buddy Guy                              Farmington NM

September 3, 2014                            Aretha Franklin                                    Austin TX

September 3, 2014                            Buddy Guy                              Fort Collins CO

September 5, 2014                            Sir Charles Jones               Tulsa OK

September 5, 2014                            Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials    Virginia Beach VA

September 6, 2014                            Aretha Franklin                                    Dallas TX

September 6, 2014                            Lacee                                        Florence SC

September 6, 2014                            Latimore, Klass Band     Charleston SC

September 6, 2014                            Joe Louis Walker               Middletown NY

September 6, 2014                            Mel Waiters                         Pascagoula MS

September 7, 2014                            Willie Clayton, Bobby Rush          Jackson MS
Ms Jody, Nellie Tiger Travis,
LaMorris Williams and Many More

September 9, 2014                            Aretha Franklin                                    Houston TX

September 12, 2014                         Mel Waiters                         San Antonio TX

September 12, 2014                         Robert Cray, Buddy Guy                  Tellurude CO
Lee Fields, George Clinton

September 12-13, 2014                 Lacee                                        Atmore AL

September 12-13, 2014                 Lil Ed                                          Chicago IL

September 13, 2014                         Omar Cunningham           Tyler TX


September 13, 2014                         Karen Wolfe, JWon          Montgomery AL
T.K. Soul, Sir Charles Jones

If you know of an artist appearing anywhere at any time, email us at and let us know, where they at…And that my friends is the BluesNews from the world of the BluesBlues and that’s Where They At….Where They At….




postheadericon What Played: August 30-31, 2014

SHOW #835

                   ARTIST                                                  SONG TITLE

Sonny Mack

Mack The Blues Man

Cool Ricky Blues

Dirty 30 Naughty 40

Denise LaSalle

Wet Match

Willie Clayton

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Karyn Wolfe

Get Your Lie Straight

Billy Breemer

Reet PeTite

Little Milton

Murder On Your Hands

Peggy Scott Adams

Some things You Just Don’t Do

Bolly Soul Bonds

Cat Daddy

O.B. Buchana

Turn It Up

Preston Shannon

You Got To Move

Carl Sims

I Like This Place

Tyrone Davis

Got To Get You Off My Mind

The Top of the Hour 5-Minute Mini Blues Concert Presents
Opening Act Otis Rush Live In Japan and the Headliner
Marvin Sease Live With The Candy Licker

Otis Rush Live

All My Loving

Marvin Sease Live

Can’t Believe

Marvin Sease Live

Hoochie Mama

Stan Mosley

We Be Keepin It Real

Z.Z. Hill

Who You Been Giving It To

KoKo Taylor

Hound Dog

Jaye Hammer

I’m Not Going To Cheat On My Wife Anymore



Little Junior Parker

Driving Wheel

Blues Mix For Labor Day

Bobby Rush

Archie Love



Johnnie Taylor

Jeff Floyd



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