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“The world is hungry for the blues and doesn’t know it”

That’s a quote from famed blues artist Willie Dixon, who knows exactly what he’s talking about. What is the blues? How does one get the blues? Is it a feeling, a mood, an idea or a state of mind? Well, no one has successfully answered these questions, or the many others surrounding the blues, although many attempts have been made. One thing is certain: Blues music is alive and well and is experiencing a phenomenal resurgence.

BLUESTIME IN THE CITY is a unique type of program. It presents the best in Traditional and Contemporary blues, and Southern Soul, but not in the usual manner. It’s lively, exciting, fast paced; lots of action for a blues show. That’s almost unheard of…….It’s definitely not your grand-fathers’ blues show.

BLUESTIME IN THE CITY is a top-rated program that features the very best of the blues genre’s artists and music. Fast-paced and upbeat, BTIC is an experience that thrills the audience every weekend with traditional, soul, party and contemporary blues. Hosted by multi-emmy award winning Television Producer Rojene Bailey, the blues are presented in a style that smoothly blends entertainment and the latest news from the world of the blues.

BLUESTIME IN THE CITY is the only show on radio or podcast that showcases this sophisticated music for the blues hungry listener. It’s packed with features, such as “The Blues Word of the Week,” “The Birthday Blues Bash,” “The E-Mail of the Week,” and the famous “Top of the Hour 5-Minute Mini-Blues Concert Live.”

Tune in this weekend or just click on for the podcast for BLUESTIME IN THE CITY, with R-R-R-R-Rojene Bailey.

A bit of trivia if I may; if a blues band performs in Japan, they must sing in English even though most Japanese people do not understand English. Go figure……..’BLUESTIME IN THE CITY’ is heard every weekend, Saturday and Sunday at various times.

Give us a call at 404/826-BLUES (2583) or email us or

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