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This is the last weekend of February and on BTIC this weekend…Jeff Floyd talks about his song I Found Love on a Lonely Highway…..But he does say to beware of the hazards…. Tuesday is Fat Tuesday, and we will feature some of Zydeco’s best on the Top of the Hour 5 Minute Mini Blues Concert Live….Chris Adrion and Beau Jacque…The Blues Email of the Week is from a guy in Tallahassee Florida and he wants to know of Blues Artists performing in Commercials.  I know of a few, and one is my favorite.  The BluesWord of the Week is hard to “Remember” and we’ll tell you how William Bell was the “BIG” winner at the Grammys.  Join R-R-R-Rojene Bailey, the Happiest Man in America, for BluesTime In The City this weekend……

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