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This weekend September 23rd is the late Ray Charles’s Birthday.  We’re going to hear a lot of Ray Charles.  September 28th is the late KoKo Taylor’s Birthday.  We hear a Fast Track Blues Sound Bite from her.  This is a funny story.  The BluesWord of the Week has to do with Hair Styles.  You got to hear it…. Talking about a Throw Back… The Blues Email of the Week is from a Real Doctor that did not like what I conveyed to an emailer from last week.  Bring it on Doc….And throughout the show, we’ll let you know Where They At….Where They At.  Of course, we’ll play the absolute best in Blues and Southern Soul.  Join R-R-Rojene Bailey for BluesTime In The City Where we give you the Blues without giving you the Blues…..This Weekend…


It is time for the BluesNews from the World of the BluesBlues for the weekend of September 15-16….2018

The International Blues Challenge Competition will take place in January in Memphis Tennessee…January 22-26 to be exact…It’s put on by the Blues Foundation out of Memphis.  This is where they will have hundreds of Bands from all over the globe competing to see who is the best.  Most bands are sponsored by local Blues Society who stage their own challenges, and the winner of the local challenge move on to Memphis to compete in the big one….. I don’t know exactly what you win, but I do know you get bragging rights for a full year.  If you want to enter your Band, we have a link on the news page with all of the information.  This is really big, and there are some great bands there.


We talked with The Executive Director of the B.B. King Museum in Indianola Mississippi in the first hour, Malika Pope Lee….This weekend is B.B. King’s Birthday weekend….We asked Ms Pope Lee, what should one expect when they visit the Museum…

(Malika Pope Lee Audio Interview-Go To

….Lots of stuff to do and see at the B.B. King Museum… Thank you Ms Malika Pope Lee….Great place for the entire family to visit……


And that my friends is the BluesNews From The World of the BluesBlues for the Weekend of September 15-16, 2018……

  • Bobby Rush – Porcupine Meat


    by Rojene Bailey, Host of “BluesTime In The City”

    Bobby RushTo say Bobby Rush has been singing the Blues a long time is an understatement.  But to say that Bobby Rush doesn’t have “IT” is also an understatement.  Bobby Rush still got it and that’s a statement of true fact.  In September of this year, Bobby released “Porcupine Meat” on Rounder Records. Rounder Records have been around since the early 1970’s, and was founded in Massachusetts recording all forms of music to include the Blues.  This is Bobby’s first foray with Rounder, and it’s a good one.  It doesn’t matter where Bobby records, he makes it work.  The Majority of the songs were written by Bobby, and the ones he didn’t write totally, he had a hand in writing.

    Before I tell you the songs I really love, let me give you a few of the guests that are included on the BCD.  That’s BluesTime In The City talk for Blues Compact Disc.  Vasti Jackson was the musical director and is the guitar soloist on the title cut, Porcupine Meat.  Keb Mo is featured on NightTime Gardner.  Joe Bonamassa is featured on Me, Myself, And I and Dave Alvin is featured on It’s Your Move.  Mind you, all of these great guitarists have very unique styles, but the styles all worked as a “Bobby Rush Song” in the traditional and innovative Bobby Rush style.  And believe me, these guys are good.

    Bobby continues to amaze me singing the Blues. His ability of adapt the old with the new, integrate technology into the Blues, but yet maintain the integrity of the Blues is second to none. His use of horns and the thump bass on some of the songs are amazing.  Just check out my favorite, “I Don’t Want Nobody Hanging Around.” It makes you move, whether you want to or not.  After you listen to “Me, Myself and I,” the guitar melody and solo will stay in your head for days.  And I’m always reminding listeners that the slide guitar is losing its steam in the African American community, but on “Night Time Gardner” Keb Mo proves me wrong.  Again. “Night Time Gardner” is a great piece of work and Keb Mo brings it.  And venturing out a little on “Funk O De Funk” the horn session put it’s “Blues Stamp” on it. There is a story in each song that only Bobby can tell.  If only our younger generation would listen to him.  As I always tell my friend Bobby, “You’re old, Dude…. But you keep on finding new ways of bringing the Blues.”

    “Porcupine Meat” was nominated for the Best Traditional Blues Grammy, and in February Bobby will get his just due for such a great piece of work.  Even though the title may be a little strange, there’s always a story and life experiences in Bobby’s decisions.  As Bobby puts it, “Too Fat to eat and Too Lean to throw away.”  That’s Porcupine Meat, but you can’t throw it away.  Just Eat It!!!! It’s that good…..

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  • Goodbye, My Friend

    screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-9-43-48-amMy condolences go out to the family and friends, and one of my great friends, Mr. Edwin Clay who passed away on last Saturday.  For the last several years, he served as General Manager of WCSU-FM Radio in Wilberforce Ohio, where BluesTime In The City has been on the schedule for many years.  I’ve known Ed for over 40 years, and we served together on the Founding  Board of The National Black Program Consortium, which brought more Black Programming to the PBS Television Network.  He was with Ohio’s WOSU Public Television in Columbus Ohio at the time, and I was with Georgia Public Television in Atlanta Georgia.  Ed did stints with Phil Donahue, NBC Sports, ESPN, you name it, Ed did it…..He was a character and a great musician…..Always had a smile on his face and a great line to say…….When you hear the line from the song, “Second Verse Same As The First.” think of Ed Clay.  Only a few people know where it came from.  Again, our condolences go out to his lovely wife Ilene, his daughter, his family and the WCSU Radio Family….Ed Clay was my boy……..

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  • BTITC Video of the Week: Mavis Staples on Austin City Limits “Freedom March”

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