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April 20-21, 2019

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This weekend on BluesTime In The City…..We’re coming to you from the beautiful countries of Thailand and Cambodia.  Mr. Oh is our Tour guide and he tells everything it is about these countries.  Blues and Jazz are prevalent in these countries and we’re going to play some Thai Blues.  Even the former King of Thailand played Jazz and Blues.  And I have a confession to make.  I ate something that I hate to admit to.  I’ll tell you this weekend.  And I was not alone.  I’m telling all…..Of course, we’ll play the absolute best in Blues and Southern Soul, some with the Thai Flavor…  Join R-R-Rojene Bailey….The Happiest Man in Thailand…. for BluesTime In The City Where we give you the Blues without giving you the Blues…..This Weekend…


BTIC is looking for amateur comedians.  Call 404/826-2583 and leave your 10 to 20 second joke, riddle or your “funny” on our HotLine.  It must be clean, and leave your name and where you’re calling from.  You may hear it on BluesTime In The City.  IT MUST BE CLEAN…..and Funny……….No guarantee that it will make the air....



Congrats go out to Buddy Guy.  Buddy is being inducted in the 2019 Austin City Limit’s Hall of Fame.  The induction will take place on October 24th of this year.  Going in with Buddy are Lyle Lovett, and Shawn Colvin. Of course, this is a big deal, but for Buddy, who knows.  After all, he won a Grammy this year, he’s received the 2015 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, he’s received eight Grammy Awards, he’s won thirty seven Blues Music Awards, twenty three W.C. Handy Awards, he was honored at the Kennedy Center, he’s won The Billboard Music Century Award, he’s received the Presidential National Medal of Arts, and he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Over his almost 60 year career, what else can you ask for.  Well, how about being inducted in the 2019 Austin City Limit’s Hall of Fame.  Again, Congrats to Buddy Guy and the others on this prestigious recognition.  If you’re in the Austin Texas on Thursday the 28th, Buddy will be there and I’m assuming he’s doing an Austin City Limits Live.

Have you ever heard of a Bluesman named Bukka White?  He and B.B. King were cousins, and when B.B. first made the move to Memphis back in the day, way back in the day, B.B. stayed with Bukka White.  You know how B.B. King went on to become the greatest Bluesman ever, but what happen to Bukka.  Bukka did pretty well for himself.  As a matter of fact, the guitar that Bukka play for more than 30 years went on auction a few weeks ago, and it brought in $123,623 Dollars.  The story goes from the Blues Festival E Guide that the guitar was given to a photographer in 1976.  The photographer held on to it until they decided to put it on the auction block.  Bukka White was one of the pioneers of the Delta Blues slide guitar. The guitar was a 1933 National Duolian Resonator Guitar and it was known as Hard Rock.  The seller said it was the right time for the guitar to move on to see the next part of its journey. Bukka White made the transition in 1977 at the age of 70. 

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